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At CRE PROPERTY TAX GROUP, LLCwe take care to provide our Clients with a comprehensive look at their ad valorem assessments and tax liability. The Client will be advised on an appropriate course of action upon completion of the review and a professional packet of evidence will be prepared and presented by the Agent supporting the request for reduction.

Residential and Vacant Properties


Review Information

CRE PROPERTY TAX GROUP, LLC will review the subject’s property data on the Property Appraiser’s records and verify site information.  The Agent will review sales of similar properties and develop a market value range based on sales per square foot. The results of the review will be discussed with the Client and the Agent will advise the Client if a reduction should be requested.

Cost:  $150

Prepare Evidence Packet

As your Agent, CRE PROPERTY TAX GROUP, LLC will prepare an evidence packet to support the request for reduction and file a petition with the Value Adjustment Board.

Cost: Included

Request for Reduction

As your Agent, CRE PROPERTY TAX GROUP, LLC will meet with the Property Appraiser’s staff, present the evidence and request the indicated reduction.

CRE PROPERTY TAX GROUP, LLC will be responsible for the filing of the formal petition, scheduling the hearing date, presenting a copy of the evidence to the Clerk of the Value Adjustment Board, the Property Appraiser and the Magistrate for the VAB. When necessary a representative will attend and present the evidence at the VAB hearing.

Value Reduction Fee: Included

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